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Martinez-Columbia Fire Rescue has been serving Columbia County since 1958.  Our firefighters are certified, dedicated professionals trained for quick response to protect life and property and to provide our community with lifesaving medical care.


Since 1958, Martinez Volunteer Fire Department has been serving Columbia County.   Our Department was founded by Chief Hartwell H. Morris, Sr.  We began with 44 volunteer members.  

The Martinez Volunteer Fire Department was incorporated on November 16, 1959 by the State of Georgia for a period of thirty-five years.  It is a non-profit organization and is governed by a Board of six Trustees who serve on a rotating basis, two Trustees are elected each year for a term of three years. The Fire Department was operated exclusively by volunteer firemen and served the general Martinez area of an approximate three mile radius on a subscription membership basis.  In 1959, the annual membership fee was twelve dollars.

The original wooden station building was constructed by volunteer labor on property owned by Hartwell H, Morris, Sr. who made the property available free for the temporary station location, opposite the new station building.  A large portion of the lumber used in the temporary building was secondhand and donated by a local railroad. The temporary station building was constructed approximately one year prior to the incorporation of the Fire Department. 

The department soon outgrew the temporary station building and plans were made to acquire land for construction of a permanent station building. In May 1961, actual construction of the new building got under way with volunteer labor and the building was completed August 18, 1961.   The Fire Department had 1,000 subscribers at the time. 

The new station building had an appraised value of $30,000.00 and was constructed by the volunteer firemen working afternoons, nights and Saturdays. The cost of materials and necessary labor by skilled brick and block masons amounted to $12,000.00. The volunteer firemen worked 5,100 hours on the project and construction was completed within a 90-day period. The volunteer labor enabled the organization to acquire the modern station building which contained 4,000 square feet of floor space, that included sufficient space for the housing of the department’s 5 vehicles, an office, sleeping quarters and a large kitchen.  It also included 4 rental offices on the north side of the building, adjacent to the recreation area. Wives of the volunteers organized a Ladies Auxiliary to participate in and sponsor community activities. 

The organization purchased two acres of land adjacent to the new station building, which the volunteers intended to develop into a modern, well-equipped community recreation center.

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