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Martinez-Columbia Fire Rescue houses its own, independent communications center.  Our officers handle a variety of emergency and non-emergency calls.  The center dispatches fire, rescue, and medical first responder units.

Our communications officers are highly motivated and trained individuals who handle the needs of the community and the field units in a very professional manner.

All of the communications officers are trained in fire suppression and basic medical skills which give them the ability to foresee the needs of the fields units and act appropriately to handle the needs in a timely manner.

We have a relationship with the county's primary PSAP center which allows us to provide the greatest level of emergency services possible to the community.

                                                   Captain Robert Rosier  
                                                     Dispatch Supervisor                                                         


Communications Officers:

Trey Cloud                           Andy Cloud                       Austin Reid

Charlie Brown




APCO International

APCO Georgia

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